GraalOnline Ol' West Image Upload

This sets the transparent color as the same color in the top left corner of the image

Please follow these guidelines exactly before submitting an image to our system, otherwise you may find that your graphic is disallowed.
  • You may not upload any graphics that are obscene, indecent, or controversial in nature. Any such material will result in a loss of uploading privileges and may lead to further punishment.
  • Do not use pure black or pure white in your graphics. These two colors are used for transparency in-game and will not be visible on any images that are uploaded.
  • Respect copyrights and only upload graphics that you have made yourself or that you are authorized to use. Any concepts that are taken from television shows, video games or any other forms of media will not be accepted. Works that are inspired by such material are only accepted under some circumstances. It is therefore encouraged that you design original ideas for your graphics to avoid any issues that may arise.
  • Minor accessories are allowed, but no graphics should act in substitute of a hat. If accessories are added to files, such as heads, then they need to be integrated into the design itself. All masks that cover the entire face or hats that are just stuck on top of a head will be denied.
  • Ensure that all visual effects that are applied to your graphics are appropriate. All heads and bodies should make proper use of the dimensions provided. In this regard, small or invisible graphics are not allowed. No images are allowed to use rapid flashing or color-changing effects.
  • Heads which are not allowed: MEME heads, Food / Gummybear heads, Futuristic heads (this includes robots), Moving / Flashing heads, Real life heads, Heads with glasses, Heads with leaves on them (qualifys as a hat), any masks on the head are not allowed.
  • Bodies which are not allowed: Blob bodies, Gummybear bodies, Bunny bodies, Food bodies, Ghost bodies, Mermaid bodies, Bodies with weapons attached to them
Rules of Conduct